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Membership Benefits:

  • Membership with this site is totally Free!
  • Upgraded memberships available Here!
  • PTP Feature Available Upgraded Members!! Earn $0.60 per 1000
  • PTP feature for free members $0.30 per 1000 credits
  • Affiliate Pages are available, paying $0.20/1000!
  • Get Paid to Read, Get Paid to Click
  • Redeem Your Earnings Either for Cash or Ads
  • No Searches Ever
  • Points can be redeemed for cash or advertising!
  • Members are welcome from all countries
  • Cheaters/Bots Deleted Daily!
  • $2 Payouts by Paypal
  • Members may earn from 1 referral level at a commission of Level #1 = 17%.

  • We are no longer accepting sign-ups using att.net, hotmail, yahoo and yahoo mail derivatives, such as Rocketmail, rogers, ymail, btinternet etc. Please use another free email account such as gmail.com which does not bounce our emails. Thank you!

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    Advertising Benefits:

  • Email and banner click ads are 100% CTR. No more second guessing, the clicks you pay for are the clicks you will receive.
  • Target your Ad by Country
  • eMail Advertising, Paid To Click Banners,
       or Banner Impressions
  • All of our members are double opt-in
  • Real time tracking
  • Absolutely No Spam!

    This is server time, Central Time Zone;

    ShowcasePTR.com does not require you to purchase ads, memberships (upgrades) or recruit anyone (get referrals) in order to earn money at our site. We are not a get-rich-quick, MLM, matrix or pyramid scheme. We do however rely on Advertisers purchasing ads. We will always treat you kindly and fairly, be open to suggestions and reply to your emails. All we ask from you is to be supportive in all ways that you can - clicking, reading and spreading the word about us. The ads our members send out are not controlled by us. In other words: we are not into scam or spam and if we find either one of these types of ads, we will delete the ad immediately. Support us so we can support you!

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